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"The 2018 Hurricane Season is coming and it is time to get ready!"

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew hit the United State and caused major damage.

Hurricane Andrew a category 5 hurricane hit the United State and caused billions in damage to southern Florida and Louisiana. Hurricane Andrew left thousands of people homeless and caused 65 deaths. Hurricane Andrew and other hurricanes of previous years taught us a better strategy is needed to protect our lives and property.

There are thousands of homes built in Florida that cannot survive intense hurricane wind and rain storm conditions.

In a hurricane the wind loads on the structure can very as much as 30% for a given wind speed and many other factors contribute to this. They are the live load, dead load, flood loads and if you are in the high velocity hurricane zone and wind born debris region of coastal area of the United State.

In the hurricane prone region of the United State, the wind speed range is from 90 MPH to 150 MPH and with 3 - second wind peak gust from 92 MPH to 193 MPH depending on the hurricane categories.

When a window or door fails the negative exterior pressure acting on the exterior of the building will add to the positive internal pressure of the structure and if the roof is not connected properly, causing uplift and total structural failure.

The most important and frequently overlooked by home owners is the window, doors and roof for proper installation and connections in keeping their home safe in a hurricane.

Thus hurricane wind mitigation is an action aimed at reducing the severity of damage and personal injury due to a home’s exposure to hurricane force winds.

By “Hurricane Proofing” and by retrofitting existing homes built before prevailing building codes were in force, reduction in damage and bodily harm can be achieved through compliance with prevailing Florida building construction regulations.

The average Florida homeowner overpays his or her homeowner’s insurance premium by 20 percent or more. The reason: many homes already have wind mitigation features qualifying for a rate reduction, but they have not been identified and recognized by their insurance company.

Florida Statute 626.0629 states that insurance companies must offer Florida homeowners “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials…” for construction methods in their homes that reduce damage and other losses from windstorms. A Wind Mitigation Inspection by a qualified home inspector serves to identify and document if a home already qualifies for such premium discounts mandated by law.

Home Inspection State Certify, Wind Mitigation Inspection, we will be examining windows, exterior doors, garage doors, sliding doors, the roof system, framing, roof connections, rood sheathing, roof covering, roof flashing and sky lights for proper installation and connection to the structure.

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We will perform the inspection in accordance with Florida Home Inspection Standards of Practice.

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