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Home Inspection Appointment What To Know Before

Once you have select our company Home Inspection State Certify, LLC for your Home Inspection needs contact us, via phone 786-542-6952 or E-Mail: to schedule your inspection at a convenient time. Our company representative may ask questions about your property to prepare you for the inspection.

All inspections have to be prepaid before the inspection began. The inspection can be cancel at less 8 hours before the inspection appointment for a full refund. Please ensure that there is electrical power and water at the property,they are need for a General Inspection and a 4 Point Inspection.

If you cannot attend the inspection yourself, you may designate someone who is 18 years of age or older to be your representative during the inspection. Make sure your representative knows where to find roof and attic access and any stored storm shutters or storm panels.

Please note if storm shutters or storm panel hardware are not installed to the wall or floor for the storm panel to be installed when need it, and if the hardware is installed but there is no storm panels to install you may not be eligible for a discounts from the insurance company.

At a minimum, hardware must be installed at all openings in order to certify the rating. The inspector should verify that opening protection devices have been installed in accordance with the approved specifications. Shutters that have never been installed or mounted, even if they are impact-tested and approved, do not qualify.

Roof and Attic Access:

In condominium or apartment building the association or building management has to approved roof and attic access before. Roof and attic is required to verify certain general inspections, wind mitigation inspections and 4 point inspections features. Ensure that your attic is accessible before the inspector arrives. If the inspector cannot access your roof or attic, you may not be eligible for discounts from the insurance company.

On the Roof and Attic we will check for:
  • Roof deck, Flashing and Rain Gutters System.
  • Roof-to-wall attachment.
  • Roof deck and attachments.
  • Secondary water-resistance features.

Before the inspection begins, give him copies of any mitigation documents you have for Storm Shutters, Windows, Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Garage Doors, Skylight, Roof System for your Wind Mitigation Inspection. They will need to be submitted with the Uniform Mitigation Verification From # OIR-B1-1802. If there is no documentation or there are no product approval stamped on any of the Storm Shutters, Windows, Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Garage Doors, Skylight, Roof System. You may not be eligible for a discounts from the insurance company.

The inspector will perform a comprehensive inspection of your home and property, including:

  • The home's basic structure and construction materials.
  • Roof shape, materials, condition and connections.
  • Wall construction.
  • Exterior and garage doors, windows and skylights.
  • Storm shutters/panels (installed or stored on the property).
  • Attic interior.

Providing your inspector with documentation of your home's mitigation features will help ensure you receive discounts for any mitigation features that may not be clearly marked or easily visible.

Acceptable Documentation Examples:
  • Receipts or other documents that include product specifications.
  • Work orders and invoices.
  • Roofing permits.
  • Notice-of-acceptance letters for mitigation products (usually obtained from installers or manufacturer.

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We will perform the inspection in accordance with Florida Home Inspection Standards of Practice.


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