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"General Home Inspection"

How Much does a General Home Inspection Cost?

A General Home Inspection and any type of home inspection involves time in the field and in the office. Inspecting, taking pictures, and gathering information of any defects of the property exterior systems and interior systems. The information on when was the roof last done, product approved codes for used in HVHZ and HVDZ of Florida. The time spend depends on the size of the inspected property. A detailed inspection report, takes in average of one business day, and for larger homes it may take longer.

At Home Inspection State Certify LLC, the average home inspection costs can is around $275.00, for homes up to 3,000 square feet homes. And for larger homes the inspection can be more. Smaller apartments, condos and town homes with less than 1,000 square feet cost as little as $125.00. It is nice to know the condition of the home before buying it.

Our inspector will be looking for signs of any obvious defects and safety issues.

In a general home inspection,

The exterior inspection will cover the following:

Driveway, landscaping, over hanging trees and branches, walkway, steps, railing, foundation, walls, fencing, ceiling, windows, doors, garage doors, patio or deck if any, exterior electrical system, roof system and gutters to ensure water will flow away from the foundation, sewer drainage and exterior plumbing system.

The interior inspection of the home will cover the following:

Doors, windows, floors, walls, ceiling, attic and ventilation, stairway, steps, railing, garage, basement, electrical system, gas system, smoke and fire detecting devices, air conditioning and heating system, major appliances, plumbing system.

***Shopping Deals***Home and Garden*** Kitchen, Dining & Bar*** Bedding***
***Vacuums***Heating, Cooling & Air***Major Appliances***Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living***Tools ***

We will perform the inspection in accordance with Florida Home Inspection Standards of Practice.


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